Foreword by George Ferguson                                                     0

Chapter 1: Ancestry                                                                       1

Chapter 2: Schooling and Education                                         23

Chapter 3:  Joining the Hippy Movement                                 45

Chapter 4:  My Career in Hippy Politics                                    57

Chapter 5:  India                                                                         83

Chapter 6: Buying Hashish in Afghanistan                             103

Chapter 7: Family Life and Ornamental Plasterwork            121

Chapter 8: Biking down the Great Rift Valley                         147

Chapter 9: Specialising in Scagliola                                         173

Chapter 10: Biking to the Burning Man Festival                     195
Chapter 11: Creating Beaver Palace Studios                           227

    "Confessions of an Ornamental Plasterer" is an auto-biography that encapsulates the wanderlust of the 60's and the mischief of the young in its open, and evolves into a story about creativity, hard work and risk taking. In the first chapter David talks about his family line, drawing parallels to those relatives and ancestors that he identifies with, and distances between those he does not. He has many famous characters in his family tree, although likes to think they do not define him or his legacy.
    The next chapters are about schooling, the life of an activist, being a pot smoking hippy, and the challenges of growing up in a controlling and backwards world, where war and separation are expected realities.
    After this, the book is much about travel and his journey to see the world while still raising a family. He talks about his first marriage, his children and his relationship with them, based on teaching them the important things to him, and instilling a sense of wonder and creativity into their lives through travel and work.
    Finally, the book ends with the travels and ventures of his later years, creating a homestead with Angelique on a beautiful property in upstate New York.
    Along the way, he has many exciting exploits and adventures including things like smuggling hash from Afghanistan to India, almost getting his hotel room ransacked by local police, creating beautiful works of art in the most unlikely of places and learning to build a working company from the ground up in a changing England in the throws of sociopolitical conflict. There are so many stories not even mentioned on this site, all of them exciting, and all of the characters interesting. Your just going to have to read it to see this painting of a very specific place and time, through the lens of a very unique and driven individual.

    The contents will be displayed here to give you an idea of what you are getting into. The book is $25 or 19.91 British Pounds.

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