David is a strange and eclectic sort of man, with his hands in many pots and his skills loaned to many hands. He spent his younger years traveling around with his father who was, (as david likes to say,) "The Cricket Ambassador to the United States." Kindergarten was spent on a military base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

    Eventually he would  return to England to continue his "public" (seriously private,) schooling, and would fall in love with some of this ancient architecture while simultaneously falling out of love with the pompousness and arrogance of strict cultural rules and upper class living.

    After dropping out of Architecture school at Bristol University, David had a few odd jobs , and started making a successful career in plaster work which started out of an abandoned building and a wheel barrow. Having saved up some money, and being totally entrenched in the hippy liberation movement, David decided to travel to Holland to see all the hippy shops and communes he heard so much about. While there, David discovered an anarchist political party by the name of "The Kabouters," which translates to "The Gnomes."

    Inspired by these free radical ideas, David decided to start his own parallel branch called,  "The Dwarf Party" in Bristol. At its peak, it contained about 200 members and between David running for election, the free festival on the downs, pot smoking going on everywhere and anti-police propaganda on every corner, it was an interesting time to be living in Bristol.

    After some time, things seemed a bit uneven and kind of risky after a failed commune and more changes in Bristol politics, so after going into hiding for awhile, David decided that he was off to India. This was the first step he would take that would once again set him on a path of travel and wanderlust, taking his ideas and skills in plaster work all over the world. He became so versed in a specific secret old trade of plaster work that imitates marble, (scagliola,) that he would become known as the world expert on the subject, and create a multi national company  that took him and his team around the world creating this beautiful faux marble. "Confessions of an Ornamental Plasterer" is his life story. Enjoy.

About The Author:

David Hayles